January 28th, 2013: What is SteamPUNK? Weekly – Top Seven News and Views From Around the Globe

28 Jan


In this new series of weekly posts, we’re seeking out and digging up the latest SteamPUNK related news, entertainment, and fashion articles from around the globe and bringing them to you in one easy-to-digest post.


  • Marketers, Put on Your Steampunk Goggles

  • Kooky, creative and mysterious … it’s steampunk

  • SLIDESHOW: Steampunk celebrated at Rustycon convention at SeaTac Marriott

  • Atomic Clear Tube Lighting: Turn Your Pad into Your Steampunk HQ

  • Steampunk Cellphone Casemod: Gorilla Brass

  • Vagabond Opera is steampunk burlesque for all

  • WTF Meets Steampunk Wonderment in LOST Ensemble’s ‘LoveSick’

Let’s get to it PUNK’s…

NUMBER SE7EN: Marketers, Put on Your Steampunk Goggles

Cultural trend spotting, a long promised perk of social media, may soon be a common tool for retail practitioners as data analytics firms become more adept at the technique. The obvious goal of measuring sentiment running through online chatter — blogs, online discussions, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. — is to identify trends before they become commercially influential, thus getting a jump on competition. IBM is demonstrating its skills in this burgeoning area with the recent announcement that it has identified “steampunk” as a style that will have a sizable influence on fashion, design and media in 2013.”


NUMBER S6X: Kooky, creative and mysterious … it’s steampunk 

THE steampunk genre is kooky, creative and mysterious, and that’s where much of its attraction lies, says enthusiast Cassie Booth.

The Cassandra’s Closet owner said there was great interest in the workshops, corsetry and other fashion associated with the science-fiction and art genre known as steampunk.”


NUMBER 5IVE: SLIDESHOW: Steampunk celebrated at Rustycon convention at SeaTac Marriott 

According to, “Steampunk has always been first and foremost a literary genre (…) a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that includes social or technological aspects of the 19th Century (the steam) usually with some deconstruction of, reimagining of, or rebellion against parts of it (the punk).”


NUMBER FO4R: Atomic Clear Tube Lighting: Turn Your Pad into Your Steampunk HQ 

There are plenty of different kinds of lights to illuminate your home or office with, but I’ve never seen anything quite as interesting as these lights. They almost look like neon tubes, but the designers say that they can be used to light up ceilings, walls, floors, and just about anything else.”


NUMBER THR3E: Steampunk Cellphone Casemod: Gorilla Brass 

We’ve seen a steampunk desk phone before, but Andrei of Steampunker steamrolls that with his awesome case mod. He replaced all of the external parts of a mobile phone with brass or copper and gave it a shiny yet grimy finish to make it look like it’s always been that way.”


NUMBER 2WO: Vagabond Opera is steampunk burlesque for all 

Stern, a classically trained opera singer, formed Vagabond Opera in 2002, after becoming disillusioned with the opera world. He wanted to create an experience that would include elements of opera but include jazz, Klezmer, vaudeville and many other styles. The result, he hopes, will transport audiences to a place far away from central Pennsylvania.”


NUMBER 1NE: WTF Meets Steampunk Wonderment in LOST Ensemble’s ‘LoveSick’ 

Larissa Wise’s vaguely romantic, wonderfully dark comedy, LoveSick, is playing at LOFT Ensemble. Wise’s plot follows two unlikely and unusual, dichotomously opposed sweethearts as they fall in love in a cemetery. For this love story, the boy is a graveyard-dwelling, alligator-owning, shy charmer absorbed will all things morbid; the girl is the epitome of sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice sweetness who always leaves a trail of flowers and frosting-scented kindness in her wake. Occupying the creative realms of both play and performance art shaped by theatre of the absurd, the production is spiked with steampunk aesthetics, post-hipster idiosyncrasies, vaudevillian antics, and neo-Victorian Romanticism that culminates into a melange of odd fascinations and entertaining surprises. LoveSick is not structurally perfect, but its rare imagery and lovingly crafted eccentricity is a welcome and a far cry from the drudgery of the mainstream.”

That’s all for this WEEK!

We’ll see you next week with more of the SteamPUNK happens from around the world.

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I'm such a geek...

I’m such a geek…

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Michael E. Esser


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