03 Dec
SteamPUNK this!

SteamPUNK this!

In this new series of weekly posts, we’re seeking out and digging up the latest SteamPUNK related news, entertainment, and fashion articles from around the globe and bringing them to you in one easy-to-digest post.


  • SteamPUNK shifting gears
  • A review of the SteamPUNK ‘Nutcracker’
  • Some real-life SteamPUNK gadgets
  • Then, we’ve got a new SteamPUNK fashion spot in Los Angeles
  • A SteamPUNK Dalek
  • SteamPUNKer’z take over a historic park
  • Finally, we’re bringing you the SteamPUNK’s guide to SEX


NUMBER SE7EN: “SteamPUNK shifting gears”

Not everyone can pull off wearing brass aviator goggles. But as steampunk crosses from a niche subculture into the mainstream, the retro-futuristic aesthetic is earning mass appeal as interior decor.

Restoration Hardware’s 690-page tome of a fall catalog is full of Edison-style filament light bulbs and mechanical gears that evoke the old world-meets-future-world style that’s been on trend in recent years. Where once steampunk aficionados had to trawl specialty stores or eBay or construct their own old-looking accouterment, now steampunkian wares mingle with traditional furnishings at Anthropologie or Jayson Home.”

READ MORE HERE:,0,7472102.story


NUMBER S6X: “A review of the SteamPUNK ‘Nutcracker’”

A steampunk Nutcracker with wholesome messages is a welcome addition for family-friendly holiday fun in New York City.

“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” a heartwarming, homespun musical presented by Pipe Dream theatre, opened Saturday night for a brief run off-Broadway at the Beckett Theatre/Theatre Row.”



NUMBER 5IVE: “Some real-life SteamPUNK gadgets”

Tools for espionage and detection gained some popularity in 19th-century Europe and America. The famed French criminalist Eugène François Vidocq invented many detective tools, including indelible ink and ballistics testing, and was known for using disguises and surveillance in his investigations. His methods inspired many aspiring detectives, including Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. The American Civil War was also a high time for espionage, with both sides employing whatever tools they could think of to gather and pass along intelligence undetected. On top of that, the later Victorian Era came with a number of clever gadgets and self-defense tools. While some of them never quite caught on, others were forerunners for devices we still use today.”







NUMBER FO4R: “New SteamPUNK fashion spot in Los Angeles”

Wednesday afternoon, Clockwork Couture, the Burbank boutique dedicated to steampunk and neo-Victorian fashion, celebrated the official grand opening their new Main Street digs. A small crowd of locals dressed in corsets, bustles and exquisite hats was there for the debut. So were Burbank’s mayor and the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Donna Ricci, known as Captain Donna, posed with a big red ribbon and oversized scissors in front of the store. Behind her was a DIY British-style police box, known to Dr. Who fans as a TARDIS. Her husband had only finished work on the TARDIS that morning.”


SteamPUNK Dalek...

SteamPUNK Dalek…



Electronics are contained in box at back waist containing arduino uno, 2 nine volt batteries, and small amp. Speakers are in ends of tube around neck and mic is on an earpiece. Arduino board powers eye stalk and dome lights as well as handles dalek voice modulation.”



NUMBER 2WO: “SteamPUNKer’z take over a historic park”

Steampunk enthusiasts armed with ray guns took over Christchurch’s Ferrymead Historic Park today.

Tycho, dressed as a Wild West pioneer, said the Steampunk movement was ”a hearkening back to the days of mechanicalness, clock work and steam power.

”It is a mix of Victorian history and science fiction, with a bit of fun and adventure thrown in as well.”



SteamPUNK sex!

SteamPUNK sex!

NUMBER 1NE: “The SteamPUNK’s guide to SEX”

Prostitution, pornography, sex toys, dirty stories, BDSM, gay New York, can-can dancers, strippers, tight-laced corsets, prudery, polyamory, consent, venereal diseases, piercings, birth control, aphrodisiacs, creepers, floggers, steam-powered vibrators, sex slang—mad historian Professor Calamity and his assembled crew of steampunk authors, artists, and performers share everything you want to know, and more, about sex under the reign of Victoria and sex in our modern subculture.”



That’s all for this week!

We’ll see you next week with more of the SteamPUNK happens from around the world.

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Until then, I’m outta here…

Michael E. Esser

Author/Writer and self proclaimed geek of all things odd and nerdy


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